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70) Living Umbral Oath WD 70) Demon's Plate - Crafted Set, Legendary Boots • Ramaladni's Gift 60) Depth Diggers • Diablo 3 version 2. 23) Lai Yui's Taiji Monk    • Diamond, • Legendary Gems {RoS only) 70) Griswold's Perfection - Crafted 70) Mantle of the Upside-Down Sinners - Set 70) Pender's Purchase 70) The Shadow’s Bane - Set • Infernal Machine of Gluttony and items you will need for your shipyard. 29) Nutcracker 70) Blood-Magic Edge - Crafted, Legendary Maces 60) Band of Hollow Whispers Eirena hails from the distant era of the Mage Clan Wars, where she was part of a clandestine sisterhood of magic-users known as the Hand of the Prophet. 61) Relic of Akarat Templar 60) Hallowed Defenders 70) Cinder Switch - Crafted, Legendary 2H Maces Elite Damage 8. 70) Marauder's Spines - Set 31) Beckon Sail 50) Anessazi Edge N/A) Hellfire Ring In Draenor, the standard heals all allies within 45 yards of the Battle Standard for 5% of their maximum health every 2 sec. 60) Blade of the Warlord 29) Scarbringer Hand of the Prophet is a legendary Enchantress Focus in Diablo III. 70) Unbound Bolt Belts can roll with +skill bonuses as well, and these will also usually get Smart Loot'ed to appropriate skills for your class. 31) Bovine Bardiche This service will help you farm The Hand of the Prophet reputation which is a faction from the Draenor expansion. 70) Firebird's Eye - Set 70) Marauder's Visage - Set 61) Jang’s Envelopment 70) Corruption - Crafted • The Stash, • Crafting 50) Bezoar Stone 8) Pride's Fall - A3 Bag Fist of the Heavens Damage 3. 60) Blitzbolter - Crafted 50) Nailbiter 20) Longshot - Crafted But running with indestructible prevents that from happening, so you don't need to run all … 60) Inna's Reach - Set 70) Nayr's Black Death, Legendary 2H Axes 23) Unending War Barb 70) Piro Marella - Crafted, Legendary Mojos - WD 60) Manticore Eirena hails from the distant era of the Mage Clan Wars, where she was part of a clandestine sisterhood of magic-users known as the Hand of the Prophet. 70) Guardian's Gaze - Crafted Set … 31) Staff of Kyro One-Handed Two-Handed Ranged Other. Amazonian Parma - Season 1 31) Myken's Ball of Hate 70) Marauder's Encasement - Set 70) Helltooth Greaves - Set Diablo® III. 61) Bottomless Potion of the Tower • All skills enabled. 60) Sledge of Athskeleng • Legendary Materials, Horadric Cache Materials 60) Triumvirate 31) Light of Grace 12) Overwhelming Desire A3 Cache Farming reputation with them rewards you with the usual items (toys, mounts, etc.) 1 Common 2 Crafted 3 Legendary 4 Set 50) Fragment of Destiny By adding bonuses from the two parts Thorns of the Invoker and Captain Crimson’s Trimmings to the full set, we will get a huge increase in the damage of our main skill – Bombardment. Lysa was a servant of the Vizjerei and later, member of the Hand of the Prophet. • Weapons 60) Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit - Set 31) Valthek's Rebuke 70) Golden Scourge - Crafted, Legendary Hand Crossbows - DH 34) Pendergrasps - Crafted 60) Black Bone Arrows DH, Weapons 70) Sydyru Crust - Crafted 60) Visage of Giyua 70) Firebird's Tarsi - Set I also post previews and reviews. 50) Bloodtide Blade • Death's Breath 29) The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis 59) Neanderthal • Gems • The Infernal Machine 70) Fleeting Strap - Crafted 29) The Spider Queen’s Grasp 60) Maximus 60) Slorak's Madness    • Invigorating Gemstone 70) Cain's Habit - Crafted Set 60) Fire Brand - Crafted 31) The Tall Man's Finger 29) Broken Promises 70) Spite WD 70) Chanon Bolter    • Enforcer 60) Hallowed Storm - Crafted Set The first paladin slowly pushed his hand closer to Reiter's face. 29) Etrayu 8) Wildwood © Copyright Enthusiast Gaming. Class Sets Torment-Only 31) The Ess of Johan 8) The Undisputed Champion 31) Cord of Sherma 31) The Furnace If you find incorrect or missing numbers please report them to: zwische@googlemail.com. 31) Kekegi's Unbreakable Spirit Enchantress Focuses Scoundrel Tokens Templar Relics Weapons. 50) Heart Slaughter In addition, the build boasts a high speed of rift clearing - Steed Charge will allow you to quickly move from one elite pack to another in rifts. He couldn't tell if they believed him. 31) Rimeheart 60) Blood-Magic Blade • Restores 10-15% of your primary resource when used below 25% Life. I'm sure I stumble from time to time, but I—" 2-Hand; Crusader Legendary Two-Handed Flail; 81.1; Damage Per Second; 68-73 Damage. 70) Trag'Oul Coils • Life on Hit • Increased Gold Find 70) Hallowed Hold - Crafted Set, Legendary Phalactery - Nec 29) Balefire Caster ... Off-hand. 70) Atrophy Wiz Eirena’s mastery of enchantments and steely bravery in battle belie her youth – but the truth of her origins reconciles these qualities. • Critical Hit 12) Mad Monarch's Scepter A1 Cache Lysa grew up during the Mage Clan Wars. 70) Griswold's Perfection 70) Raekor’s Breeches - Set Runes Indestructible: While running on high Greater Rift levels, getting a death or two is inevitable. One-Handed Two-Handed Ranged Other. 50) Flint Ripper Arrowheads 31) Swiftmount 8) See No Evil 70) Hallowed Protectors 70) Sage's Journey, Legendary Belts 8) Uskang This strengthen your survibility and with the Akarat's included you get additional 50% resource cost reduction.    • Main Stat 60) Oculus Ring 60) Stormshield The Hand of the Prophet is a Legendary Follower item. 60) Hallowed Salvation - Crafted Set Triune Season 18 - Diablo III - First Impressions Review. 60) Inna's Vast Expanse - Set 60) The Wailing Host - Set • Horadric Caches Archangel Malthael, The Former Aspect of Wisdom, also known as The Silent Angel, is a member of the Angiris Council and appears in The Sin War series of novels based on the Diablo universe. • Maces Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. 70) Piro Marella Crus This ornate hamsa is said to have come from the High Heavens themselves. 31) Wyrdward Foreseeing the dark events of the distant future, the Prophet took the girls with him, forming a sisterhood named Hand of the Prophet. Strength 7. 60) Tal Rasha's Allegiance - Set 70) Hallowed Condemnation - Crafted Set, Legendary Fist Weapons - Monk 8) Fjord Cutter    • Amethyst 6 years ago There's also the ' Smoking Thurible ' but the Hand of the Prophet just looks awesome. 60) Venomhusk - Crafted 31) Band of the Rue Chambers 60) Natalya's Slayer - Set ... Powered Armor - Buffs you and the Enchantress, increasing Armor by 3% and slowing melee attackers by 60% for 1 seconds. 60) The Oculus 20) Relilena's Shadowhook • Hellfire Amulet & Ring 54) Harvest Moon - Crafted 70) Asheara's Custodian - Crafted Set The Smart Drop system ensures that this belt will usually roll with the mainstat appropriate to the class that finds it. 60) Zunimassa's Vision - Set, Legendary Wizard Hats - Wiz 50) Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac The 1-hand staffs avg 1200 - 1800 damage and the off-hand orbs avg 250 - 425 damage. 60) Hallowed Reckoning - Crafted Set This thread is for comments about our reputation farming guide for the Hand of the Prophet. Prophet. Critical Hit Chance 2. 60) Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom - Set 60) Blackthorne's Surcoat - Set 24th August 2019 by SadGeezer. 8) Gungdo Gear 70) Asheara's Ward - Crafted Set Affected … Consumables ... Hand of the Prophet. 70) Heart of the Crashing Wave - Set 60) Demon's Skin 12) Ring of Royal Grandeur A1 Cache 70) Mark of The Magi - Crafted, Legendary 2H Swords 70) Breastplate of Akkhan - Set 29) Silver Star Piercers 70) Raekor’s Striders - Set 8) Pauldrons of the Skeleton King - A1 Bag Click a link below to immediately jump to the corresponding part on this page. 60) Krede’s Flame 60) Gehennas - Crafted Fear on Hit (Secondary) Off Hand: Shield of the Steed: 1. 70) Jade Harvester's Courage - Set    • Seasonal Legendaries 31) Nemesis Bracers Head. 70) Firebird's Plume - Set • Smart Drops 70) The Shadow’s Heels - Set 60) Natalya's Reflection - Set 9) Manald Heal 57) Starspine - Crafted Table of Contents. 60) Ruinstoke Wiz 50) Logan's Claw 8) Monster Hunter (15 Min Cooldown). 60) Lacuni Prowlers 70) Cain's Travelers - Crafted Set 31) Kridershot 29) Blackhand Key - Crafted 21st October 2019 by Katya Fawl. Follower; Legendary Enchantress Focus; Primary +[626 - 750] Intelligence. • 4/2 StarCraft®: Remastered. 61) Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid 60) Natalya's Sight - Set • The End Game • Corrupted Angel Flesh A4 29) Pride of Cassius 31) Baleful Remnant Consumables Crafting Dyes Gems Miscellaneous Flails Two-Handed Crusader Only These massive weapons of destruction are favored by the zealous Crusaders. This page was last edited on 26 August 2016, at 19:44. • Salvaging Items 60) Seven Sins - Crafted • Potions    • Legendary Gems, • Staff of Herding Eirena’s mastery of enchantments and steely bravery in battle belie her youth – but the truth of her origins reconciles these qualities. 52) Demon Hand - Crafted 50) Gesture of Orpheus •• Vial of Putridness This guide gives an overview of where to search for the foliants to open the 24 set portals for the different classes in Diablo 3. 60) Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare - Set Slot. 31) Archmage's Vicalyke The Veiled Prophet is the third book of the Diablo: The Sin War trilogy by Richard A. Knaak. 31) Hellskull When Eirena and her sisters killed their Vizjerei masters, the Prophet found them and cured the curse those mages had bestowed upon the girls with their dying breaths. 60) Immortal King's Eternal Reign - Set 23) Lai Yui's Taiji - Crafted Some players find this a mixed blessing, since the ability to use more skills means that each skill is used less often. 29) Ambo's Pride 15) Envious Blade A3 Cache Primary +[946 - 1125] Strength. 21) Born's Defiance 31) Darklight 70) Helltooth Leg Guards - Set 50) Sever Costs ; Ship Blueprint: Battleship: Teaches … • Prefixes & Suffixes 29) Pig Sticker Furthermore we provided help for how to accomplish all objectives for every class set within those portals. 70) Raekor’s Will - Set • Archive of Tal Rasha 31) Exarian    • Elemental Damage 29) The Paddle 61) Halcyon's Ascent • Wands Wiz, • Axes 50) Promise of Glory 70) Unbound Bolt - Crafted, Legendary Crossbows    • Emerald 60) Strongarm Bracers For Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "LF Follower rare Hand of the Prophet, have Skeleton Key". 70) Demon's Animus - Crafted Set 31) Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker 60) Mempo of Twilight 8) Sin Seekers • Toughness • Anger of Iben Fahd 31) Custerian Wristguards • Follower cannot die. 60) Wondrous Deflectors, Off Hand 60) Hallowed Scepter - Crafted Set Diablo 3 RoS | Hand of the Prophet - Ancient quality | This item is the Ancient quality of Hand of the Prophet. 70) Helltooth Mantle - Set 60) Schaefers's Hammer 60) Danetta's Spite - Set it's Alliance faction in Warlords of Draenor with mount, toys, pet rewards. 31) Eye of Peshkov 52) Asheara's Gait - Crafted Set 29) Arreat's Law 29) Stone Gauntlets 29) Hammer Jammers 31) K'mar Tenclip • Forgotten Soul • Increases Resist All by 50–100 for 5 seconds. Hand of the Prophet Battle Standard: Place a Hand of the Prophet Battle Standard that heals all allies within 45 yards of the Battle Standard for 5% of their maximum health every 2 sec. 70) Born's Furious Wrath - Crafted Set, Legendary Flails - Crusader 54) Harvest Moon Barb 31) Gift of Silaria • Flails Crus 29) Puzzle Ring 60) Robes of the Rydraelm 31) Ancient Parthan Defenders Oxygen Not Included: fun, cute, surprisingly hard and immensely satisfying. • Swords • Spirit Stones Monk 70) Aughild's Search - Crafted Set 12) Golden Gorget of Leoric A1 Cache (15 Min Cooldown). 60) Flying Dragon Eirena hails from the distant era of the Mage Clan Wars, where she was part of a clandestine sisterhood of magic-users known as the Hand of the Prophet. 41) Deadeye DH Reaching revered with this faction is required for the Tanaan Diplomat achievement. 31) Haunt of Vaxo 31) Ancestors' Grace Akarat's Champion gains the effects of the Prophet and Embodiment of Power runes. 70) Demon Claw Monk • Vengeful Eye During her youth, Lysa and her sisters were the servants of a Vizjerei mage. He resides in the Pools of Wisdom in the High Heavens. Strength. • Reusable Parts 8) Goldwrap Comment by Skaturas Patch 6.2 will release Tanaan Jungle and with that four factions: - The Saberstalkers Notable exalted reward(s): Bristling Hellboar, Saberstalkers Tabard - Order of the Awakened Notable exalted reward(s): Blazing Firehawk, Ship: The Awakener (A), Ship: The Awakener (H) - Hand of the Prophet (Alliance only! It is not specified how numero… 50) Singularity - Crafted 70) The Shadow’s Coil - Set 31) Bombadier's Rucksack • Increases Life per Kill by 4000–8000 for 5 seconds. Secondary. Damage % 5. The Demon Hunter class is a player class in Diablo 3. Robes of the Rydraelm is a crafted legendary chest armor that can be created in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. 70) Burden of the Invoker - Set 70) Spite - Crafted, 10) Winter Flurry • Cow Portal, Armor This item can be found and equipped by any class. 31) Countess Julia's Cameo 60) Dead Man's Legacy Secret Levels, or secret lands, are areas of Diablo 3 that you must use a portal to access.The portal for specific Secret Levels each require different items and a plan to create. 31) Wand of Woh ... Akarat's Champion gains the effects of the Prophet and Embodiment of Power runes. 40) The Wedge - Crafted 31) Freeze of Deflection 29) String of Ears 20) Longshot 61) Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation - Season 1 31) Profane Pauldrons 50) Skycutter 60) Sage's Gesture - Crafted Set • Infernal Machine of Bones 70) Cain's Scrivener - Crafted Set Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. • Polearms 31) Akarat's Awakening Diablo® III. 36) The Magi

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