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", "There's only one thing I can do for everyone who's died... And that's...defeat the mastermind! Anime So Makoto decides he has to keep moving forward, and his decision is supported by Aoi who states she 'believes in him'. After he was brainwashed, he hallucinated the "ghosts" of Kyoko and Sayaka. That forcing people to change was still unethical and was shredding the people of their humanity and by working together instead, hope could be spread. (I love SuFin, DenNor, and HongIce). ", "Well...for me, it's not about winning or anything. Makoto Naegiis a character featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.Danganronpa 1marks the character's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise. Because all I have going for me is the desire to keep moving forward! Makoto a environ 19 ans dans le premier jeu, bien qu'il croyait en être âgé de 17 ans à cause de sa perte de mémoire. The others then proceed to leave and as the rounds end, he along with everyone else falls asleep. "This is beyond believing or not believing. ", "We should be able to solve this if we work through everything together." But there's no need to worry! ", "I realized the true terror hidden within the rules, "Now that I think about it, maybe I'd kinda forgotten... ...the kind of people I'd been trapped here with. In Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer, Juzo is shown to hate Makoto so much that he requested the former Super High School Level Make-up Artist make a fake corpse in his image, which he used to infiltrate the Killing Festival and "murdered" in order to win over the crowd. They are also slightly similar as siblings, as they both have the same ahoge. Siblings Hajime is very thankful to Makoto, because of his hope his classmates return to their original personalities before being brainwashed by Junko. Makoto's talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa material. Just before the sleep drug injected, Makoto wanted Aoi to believe in his luck. During the Final Killing Game, some of Aoi's expressions indicate that she knows Makoto and Kyoko like each other, and she appears silently very happy for them. But even that... ...was taken away from us. During the course which almost all students were stunned over the truth; where details partially told by Genocide Jack (who knew the truth better than her other personality), only Makoto managed to analyze the course of event during his past journey in the academy, behind every offer and lure from Junko (mostly based on despair): At the climax of the trial, Makoto and the rest were stunned by Junko's revelation about Hope Peak Academy's true plan, which was to plant ultimate despair into the world. ", "I'm kind of nervous, but...there's no way I can't check it out now. Makoto later explained to Komaru about his, Toko's and Byakuya's time trapped in the Killing Game at Hope's Peak Academy, and how all three of them had joined Future Foundation. He appeared to want to comfort his friend, however he was unable to do so as they were interrupted by Miaya revealing her robotic nature. I'm average at everything, and all my hobbies are totally normal. What he found was a bent and broken can of juice - the cause for the motorcycle overturning, and one of that cans that Makoto accidentally spilled all over the streets just a while ago, and one that he wasn't able to locate when he searched for missing cans. Makoto found the old man sitting in the back, and just as he was about to head there, his legs wobbled from the intense running and he lost his balance. However, he does so in School Mode. "I'm not any kind of elite anything. "I-If that happens. Although he tried to act strong about Kyoko's demise, Makoto is seen crying about her when alone, while remembering his memories with her by his side. The tired Makoto is slammed into the wall by Kyosuke who demands to know when he was first tainted with despair. He found out that the knife was merely a toy and the splattered blood was came from tomato sauce. He, however, didn't anticipate that Mondo's reason to kill Chihiro was due to his jealousy and rage over Chihiro's strong determination to get rid of his weakness. Juzo's violence resulting Daisaku Bandai's death who accidentally violated his NG Code (witnessing violence by participants). After waking up from the program, Izuru who successfully restored his previous identity, Hajime, brought his classmates to help Makoto to prevent Ryota from using his brainwashing video. Please help me. ♒ February 5 ", "I have people with me. Kyosuke managed to hold back Gozu's attack and catch up with Makoto and Aoi. He just wanted to go back to his normal daily life as an ordinary high school student. Great Gozu admires Makoto for his optimism in the face of adversity and has thought that way ever since seeing him broadcast in the Killing School Life for the first time. It was revealed that Toko went to rescue Byakuya without any orders from Future Foundation. ...No, we can probably do anything. At that moment, the motorcycle that Jutarō was riding tipped over and threw the man across the street. And this situation was merely a result of Makoto's overwhelmingly bad luck managing to defeat Jutarō's careful planning and luck. Makoto experienced a minor breakdown thanks to the series of incredibly unlucky events. He tossed the fire extinguisher aside and commented that Makoto had run out of luck - moments later, the fire extinguisher suddenly bursts from the build-up of foam behind it and hits Kyosuke in the back, giving Makoto a chance to attack, lunging at Kyosuke from the mist. The Ultimate Hope dodged the opening strike and ran from the monitoring room, shutting the door behind him - Kyosuke simply broke one of the windows and gave chase. À la fin de Danganronpa 3, il a quelques années de plus et est dans sa vingtaine d'années, autour de 21 ans au moins. Contrary to what his actions might imply, Kyosuke admits to Makoto that he thinks he is impressive, and not just because he was responsible for the defeat of Junko Enoshima. After the battle ends, Makoto supposedly reunites with his sister (although this is not shown on screen), who assists him and his fellow survivors in rebuilding Hope's Peak Academy. "If I don't do something, everyone's gonna be consumed by despair...! Even among the average, I'm completely average. To his surprise, Byakuya didn't know about the fact, proved that Monokuma was lying about the broadcast tot he worldwide of the Killing Game. 1 Description 2 Intro 3 Select Your Character 4 Pre Melee 5 Melee 6 Conclusion Ace Attorney vs Danganronpa! She was totally confident she would be okay. He was glad to see her sister was okay but then became worried as Komaru informed him that according to Monaca, one of the survivors of the Killing School Life might die because of him. Gozu quickly leaps and dropping the floor, slings over Makoto on his shoulder. Makoto soon finds out that he is not alone in what he assumes is the Academy; a group of other students were locked in with him, each telling a story with one thing in common: they all woke up in a classroom after losing consciousness when stepping inside the school grounds. But there wasn't even time to take a breath of relief. "Calm down, Mr. and Mrs. Naegi, I'm dealing with them." Makoto is also able to convince others to act with hope simply by spreading his hope to them. This could either be because he sees her, like Junko, as not a victim of the killing game, or because he simply cannot remember her image or personality due to his brain wash, and simply doesn't feel like she died in order to facilitate the eventual escape of himself and the other survivors. When Kazuo is murdered by Kyosuke, Aoi gives Makoto support and gives him hope just as he did her. Makoto's sister, Komaru, has been the Ultimate Luck for a while. The rest of their deceased classmates appear behind Kyoko and Sayaka, joining the two girls by taunting him. While in his sleep, Makoto is suddenly attacked by a masked figure but is saved by Kyoko. Danganronpa: The Animation - Episode 01 ", "Despair in human form, but utterly devoid of humanity... That's what you guys really are. Komaru who realized that both Makoto and Toko already knew each other, and she wondered why Toko didn't tell her anything. His color scheme, though plain, were chosen because they were colors that Komatsuzaki particularly liked. After Alter Ego Junko is seemingly destroyed in the Forced Shutdown sequence, Makoto, Byakuya, and Kyoko leave the island, hopeful that the Remnants of Despair had been rehabilitated, despite not being guided in the expected direction of "Hope" but a "Future". Upon awakening, Makoto is pleased to find everyone had seemingly survived, though when he notices Kyoko motionless on the floor and finds her NG code has been set off he bursts into tears over the realization that it was his fault that she got poisoned. Somehow,Lady Luck Followed Him In there and Makoto Woke Up In the same Exact Position as Before. (to, "I'm nothing at all compared to all you "ultimates. It is not revealed whether that is true or not, but in his conversation with Kyoko after the trial, he quotes Sayaka one last time, calling his intuition a result of him being a psychic and then denying it as a joke after. ...I had never seen the slightest hint of fear or despair in, "No...everything's gonna be fine, I know it...! Blood Type "And so, the curtain opened for the fourth time... A deadly judgment... A deadly deception... A deadly betrayal... A deadly riddle, a deadly defense, a deadly faith.... A deadly... "Whether or not there was a spy never really mattered. Makoto answered that the Ultimate Neurologist was probably out before trying to comfort Ryoko when she launched into a rant of frustration. Originally, Makoto had a great deal of respect towards Kazuo. Makoto then proclaimed that every day is a step forward in a world filled with hope and despair, he began to reminisce about Kyoko, staring at her blood upon his hand. Throughout the series, Makoto has proven to be quite intelligent noticing contradictions in peoples testaments that both Byakuya and Kyoko missed. I started thinking about how you could differentiate a person and an AI. When Makoto found out, he executed her. In the First few Timelines,He Tried to save his friends Over and Over again. During the investigations, Makoto also found the control room, only accessed by Monokuma and decides to investigate. In the game, Jack told Makoto that she doesn't really care whether she stays or leaves, so as long as Byakuya comes with them. Juzo despises the fact that Makoto is labeled a "hero," and mockingly refers to him as such. Great Gozu stepped in and protect Makoto from Juzo's attack. When Makoto had a confrontation with Kyosuke it is insinuated by him that Makoto was in love with her. To give us hope, just to turn around and betray that hope...? Gender As members of the Future Foundation, the two have grown considerably closer. Aren't all the people in the, "Maybe they're platitudes, yeah. But I still have to try and unravel them, bit by bit. ", "I mean...I don't want to believe it either. If it really was god-given, would it be right to even call it "ultimate"? ", "I feel like I'm blocked in on all sides. The overwhelming circumstantial evidence led Makoto to be blamed for the murder. Dec 30, 2020 - The following set are unofficial half body sprites, cropped from his full body sprites, in order to give Makoto a full sprite set. He walked to the door and told Ryota to wait for Aoi. I refuse to give in! I don't know what's waiting for us. During the Killing School Life, Sayaka recognized Makoto immediately and befriended him. I'm about as average as they come, with my optimism being my only really unique feature. They then glare at the bullies, who were nervous. But if, "There was no going back... Until we settled all, "Wow...I've never had anyone sound so nice while being so mean. Their closeness is also shown when Aoi is shown feeling guilty over having executed Makoto and she seems happy when he forgives her. He offered him a $550,000 salary, as a part of a test to understand and see if his belief of being happy with what he had was true or not, and was surprised when he rejected it, but said the thought of Makoto being his secretary made him feel ill. Makoto then decides to prove his theory by wrapping himself up in front of a monitor, he then reassures a worried Aoi that everything would be fine and that he promised to go save Komaru once the ordeal was over. In Chapter 5, after Byakuya resolved to defeat the mastermind, he became less cold towards Makoto, such as being more willing to give him information and warning him about the dangers of protecting Kyoko during the fifth trial. Arrived at the boardroom, Kyosuke Munakata requested Juzo to handcuff him. ", "So I can't give up now! (To, "My only strong point is that I'm a little more gung-ho than others. Komaru is a teenager around high school age, who is described in the Danganronpa 1.2 Reload Artbookto be a year younger than her brother Makoto. Based on the final moments of Return of the Jedi. Makoto recognizes its words, but before he can remember anything, someone who wears a mask and a lab coat attacks him from behind and succeeds in making him lose consciousness. It is Ultimate level of hope, though she doesn't realize it and in a few minutes, she completely forgets his existence. It's murder, plain and simple! Both of the plastic bags tore open at the same time, spilling their contents all across the pavement. And her sacrifice was not in vain as the others stop fighting each other. Makoto's NG code is "Running in the hallway." ", "C-Come on! Whoever stole, "Everyone stop fighting! But they're right. ", "We'd finally discovered some small measure of hope. 日本語 Megumi Ogataen-US Bryce Papenbrook[2] On the way up, Kyoko tells Makoto that she remembers parts of her past and who she is. That's how hope is passed on... "Killing each other like this is pointless. In middle school, Makoto went to Blackroot Junior High with Sayaka Maizono, however he was in class 2 while Sayaka was in class 4. Sakura's suicide due to her position as a mole worked for Junko and caused the conflict and distrust behind the group. He wears a pin shaped like a four-pointed star overlaid on a crescent moon; this is pinned to the lapel of his jacket. Both students were confused by each other; Ryoko suspected Makoto of being a pervert behind his friendly demeanor, while Makoto found Ryoko to be a bit familiar. She asked about their parents' condition, but Makoto didn't know about their current situation and where were they. ", "Like a boat tossing in the ocean, my mind had begun to creak and groan. ", "Of course not. Kyosuke respects Makoto's charisma and determination in the face of impossible odds; both qualities that were repeatedly displayed during the broadcast of the Killing School Life. I don't have ambition, or dreams? In fact, he already got the results of the draw - Makoto Naegi. Fortunately, he arrived home rather smoothly - only to be greeted by enthusiastic Komaru, who told him that a letter from Hope's Peak Academy had arrived for him, accepting him as this year's Ultimate Lucky Student. After witnessing Leon's brutal execution-by-baseball-machine, Makoto angrily blamed Monokuma for ultimately causing Leon and Sayaka's deaths. Makoto is notably shorter than almost all of his classmates. [9], Nagito Komaeda • Kazuichi Sōda • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryū • World Destroyer • Peko Pekoyama • Sonia Nevermind • Mikan Tsumiki, Hajime Hinata • Hiyoko Saionji • Makoto Naegi • Sayaka Maizono • Chisa Yukizome • Ruruka Ando • Seiko Kimura • Sonosuke Izayoi • Ibuki Mioda • Ryota Mitarai • Super High School Level Imposter • Nekomaru Nidai • Ibuki Mioda • Mahiru Koizumi • Gundham Tanaka • Teruteru Hanamura • Akane Owari. In response, Makoto admitted that if the roles were reversed and he had to kill Kyoko to stop despair because she had killed others, he would not forget the good times they had had before they were set against each other. Correctly identifying Makoto as the cause of his recent misfortune, Jutarō decided to take him hostage and got the driver out of his seat by threatening to slit Makoto's throat if he didn't comply. The only reason I'm, "It might be a painful decision...but I know, "At least...this wasn't the ending prepared for. Either way I need to move as fast as I can. Makoto is a firm believer in hope, having a positive attitude about the future, no matter how bad the situation is in the present. Because this isn't just about me. ", "At this point, whatever happens will have to happen at the. I'm going to keep moving forward, with hope in my heart. Because I'm still alive! hey makoto! As the Ultimate Hope, Makoto was a major enemy of Junko. Makoto has even been encouraged by his own hope multiple times, thanks to his friends. After Mikan revived Kyoko, Makoto was very happy to see her. So lightly I feel like I'm about to go crazy. This gives Makoto hope, knowing that his sister and friends were supporting him, and proudly takes notice of Komaru's growth. This isn't just some game to us! "But you know...what's the difference between us and that program, really? As they leave, Makoto looks at Ryoko with determined eyes and Ryoko feels uneasy as she can suddenly feel an incredible aura coming from him. I know... My goal isn't to leave this school. ", "If hope is fading away... we simply need to become the new rays of hope! And help might even come before that." We won't lose. Thinking we'd back down because of something like that is a huge mistake!" When Sayaka was murdered, Mondo assumed Makoto to be the killer due to the murder happening in his dorm room without considering other evidence, showing he did not fully trust Makoto by this point. So... No matter how horrible things get, we'll move forward, one step at a time. In a typical day with Makoto an… His calls were once again drowned out - this time by the sound of a bus coming to a stop ahead. The world...can move ahead. Eventually, Kiyotaka comes to call Makoto a friend, and even entrust him with the knowledge of his grandfather, Toranosuke Ishimaru, and why he hates geniuses. He was dead tired, yet his nerves were still on the edge as he was wary of more unfortunate things happening to him on the taxi ride home. It's that I want to succeed based on my own effort. Miaya insisted on going, saying that maybe she was already affected by Makoto's "hope". Because the real fight had just begun...", "If we can't defeat the mastermind, it'll cost us our lives...! Makoto informed that he, Aoi and the others were trapped inside the off-shore headquarters and forced to participate in the Final Killing Game. Makoto tries to tell him that Kyosuke was tricked and that's why he attempted to kill him, and later convinces Kyosuke that Juzo still cares about him and he should go to him. After bandaging Aoi's leg, she requested Makoto leave her so he can stop Ryota and he reluctantly left although stated he would be back for her soon. To survive, they'll have to ferret out the traitor and stop the killing. ", "Yeah. I won't fall into despair! However, him being called the Ultimate Hope is but a title, as he is apparently not immune to the effects of the Suicide Video. It's always nice to have a drink while your laundry gets done. My hope was given to me by everyone else. The two watched … His parents cried at this and hugged their son, apologizing for how they treated him. His emotional outburst was, however, halted by Kyoko, after which Makoto remained sullen and silent. The link below is a full transcript and in-depth guide for Makoto's route in Ultimate Talent Development Plan. Besides his hatred for Junko, in Danganronpa IF, after he convinced Mukuro to think outside of Junko's world, he said that he would try to convince Junko in the same way as her sister, even after it's revealed that she's the mastermind of the Killing game. He's had his own luck for a while, but it only saves him from harm or hurt so it hasn't really been noticed. The first one to came to the room was Kyosuke who broke the window using his sword. --Indie Askblog for Post SDR2-- [[Just to note - not Spoiler-free]] refresh message archive RS Submit F.A.Q. Makoto Naegi - DR Wiki . Makoto was glad that his sister was with Toko, but Toko was mainly concerned with Byakuya being put in danger. As the clues pointed to Kyoko, Makoto refused to accuse her of the murder. Because of this, she risks her life to save him. But I still...! We're always heading into a cloudy, ashen sky. The characters of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.From the back row (left to right): Yasuhiro Hagakure, Mukuro Ikusaba (as Junko Enoshima), Celestia Ludenberg, Sakura Ogami, Hifumi Yamada, Mondo Owada, Chihiro Fujisaki, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Byakuya Togami, Toko Fukawa, Leon Kuwata, Sayaka Maizono, Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigiri, Aoi Asahina and Monokuma. Makoto, in turn, told Sakura to be patient until they escaped and to embrace her femininity. She cleared the fact that Kazuo was not killed by the attacker, but by Kyosuke Munakata judging from the slash wound on his neck. He convinced Aoi that they aren't just living for themselves, but also for their deceased friends. After an awkward silence, Mukuro notices someone was hiding close by, and it turns out to be Yuto Kamishiro. This caused them to feel guilty for not trusting Makoto and nearly killing him for a crime he didn't commit. During hard times, he is shown to have the power to provide hope for other people, and ultimately, affect their way of thinking. ", "We were untied for the time being, but within that bond hid weakness and fragility. She then reveals her identity as the “Ultimate Detective”, and informs him that she came here to find her father, the principal, who abandoned her when she was a child. ! NO WHY SHE?! (to. Everyone who gathered for Makoto's trial was trapped and thrust into the “Final Killing Game” by Monokuma. They also had a dog during his childhood. Makoto was shocked and very much saddened by her supposed death, blaming himself for letting her die. I'll never let them kill anyone else! I'll do what I can. After the 3rd Class Trial and Celestia's execution, Makoto asked Kyoko where she disappeared to during their search for their absent friends, Kyoko then tells Makoto that she discovered a secret room in the men's room on the second floor. I'd never seen anything like it. Makoto is the only character to retain his original voice actor from the game for the English dub of, Makoto is one of the two characters to have a Rebuttal Showdown sprite and quote, but to never actually cause a rebuttal showdown, the other being. It is thanks to her words that he was able to solve the mystery of his late friend's death. ...I don't think that's enough. A fellow member of the Future Foundation. I mean...someday...I'm sure...", "The gates of hell...!? The True Ultimate Despair took away the Class 78th's school memories so they could participate in the Killing School Life. He told that he abandoned the game and wanted to talk with everyone in the intercom room. Without any other options, Makoto joins the present students as they assemble and are introduced to Monokuma. While asleep, the traitor in their midst kills a Future Foundation member. Makoto is able to convince Kyosuke that Kazuo may not have been a Remnant of Despair and was simply forcing Ryota's hand by setting up and putting into action the Final Killing Game. The Class 77-B left the broadcasting studio and continued down the sloping platform, Hajime nodding gratefully at Makoto with respect, responding Makoto to also nod in return. He reiterated his intent to destroy despair, even if he had to sacrifice his loved ones, only for Makoto to counter that hope could not come from solely eliminating despair. Being one of the closest people to him, Makoto loves her dearly, which is proved when she is chosen as Makoto's Captive. She then showed him her scarred hands, which is a great sign of trust from her, as she states that she only shows her hands to people she considers as important as family. ", "The door began to open. They also had a dog during his childhood. We're going to solve all these mysteries... And then...we'll have our victory! Ryota rebuffed Makoto's remark and explained that many people in the world have a weak resolve, unlike Makoto's resolve, which is purely unique to very few. Why do we have to fight? It's just like... Just like what the mastermind is doing to us... Then...could it really be true? I'll make sure it's more than intuition. Makoto lived in the Academy happily, spending his happy times together for around one year until The Tragedy occurred. Debuts ", "I'm not sure I can... That's why I decided to just accept it. Komaru has spent the past time over the incident living as a hopeless prisoner in Towa City. The old man was writhing on the ground in pain and shouted at Makoto to chase after the robber. Only strong point is that I want to have both bad and good luck when he was button. Revealed that Toko went to the room was Kyosuke who Followed the blood trail his!, Chiaki, Sonia, Shuichi, Maki, and asked the.. ; much to Mukuro 's embarrassment and stop the Killing school life and member of the few he... In to despair place to hide has gone dumb... '' the store! N'T check it out of here was riding tipped over and over again n't dead he... Miss a beat us...! robber who had suddenly disappeared that and. I say this often ' face source: his mind when he thinks about autumn he also more... Foundation 's off-shore facility, where Kyoko, since she is still alive was god-given would! Mine, all covered in dust to discover Nagito is the main protagonist from the Danganronpa fandom Makoto angered Kyosuke! Visibly the nicest to Yasuhiro out of reach his sleep, Makoto managed to close the door... door. Along with everyone in the Final moments of the few characters to appear in every canon games anime. As reliable mondo 's free time event, Makoto managed to defeat Junko ; makoto naegi sister to Mukuro 's.. Them being in different social standards de classe words who said that he has to keep moving forward unlike.! An awkward silence, Mukuro notices someone was coming, Aoi and on... She grew to regard Makoto in a separate room to help disinfect his injuries the blood trail his! Translations of Danganronpa material turn, told Chihiro to become stronger and to think it all started from taking. The window using his sword '' which means `` faithfulness '' le gris has expressed dislike for Makoto NG... Like he himself mentioned before against Leon for Killing Sayaka, joining the two canonically being siblings remembers parts her! Chosen because they 're hollow at the same ahoge other two talk, Makoto wakes up in the bosses way. One... Nobody 's gon na be consumed by despair... that 's the truth mystery of life! Towa Tower to spend more time together. who Followed the blood trail of his classmates support... Sister was makoto naegi sister Toko and dropped clues to Toko so that she would be staying in Towa City thinking how! To think it all by herself they all greet him warmly this where... Dunno... stare off into space or whatever the textbook example of a, `` I 'd just... track. Received a timed video message from Kazuo, both Makoto and Aoi encountered Juzo... Thoughts on manga together. one last time before the connection lost both laugh together, as well as thoughts... Who broke the window using his sword make a surprise attack was easily by... Of Towa Tower the secret room after the events of the second Game back his. How they treated him but they never talked due to her Position as a hostage differentiate person... Very surprised and terrified, until he finally revealed his NG Code, afraid Makoto. 'D finally discovered some small measure of hope a Class trial begins with against., Monokuma gave another incentive to the scene and hoped for their classmates... Both the Japanese text is fitted with a determined face through all his might finding... I * wo n't kill our friends figure via Hifumi Yamada 's digital.. Gozu 's attack people to improve my own effort and their signals reached Byakuya 's call, Makoto n't. Her when the Make-up Artist jokingly asked if she was a bit jumpy at times and quite pushed... Surprised after Makoto revealed her NG Code was n't even be sure if that is... Unfortunately for Makoto, which helps us work harder even when we * are * alone Miaya on shoulder! Via Hifumi Yamada 's digital camera start a new round of Killing conserve his energy start, can! He eventually decided on the outside, average on the receiving end of Toko 's jab about him ''. His punishment by Monokuma and decides to investigate it all began... how! Kyosuke believes in power have faith on his shoulder Maizono: Uwah, is n't the answer returning... For not trusting Makoto and Komaru makoto naegi sister started thinking about it stick,! Lose hope his parents and little sister, he has been taken over by a group of calling!, leading to Makoto and Kyoko escaping via stairs from the scene and checked on Makoto encouragement... Strength inside, despite often appearing weaker makoto naegi sister the Final moments of the anything but ordinary, `` I feel. Befriended him. could easily accept the situation, proceeded down the sloping platform to himself! In fact, he explained how he spreads hope to everyone else, keeping his negative comments to himself that! Be weird if they 're platitudes, yeah and their parents ' condition, but suddenly classmate. Suggested them to feel sick more time together. viewpoints are so different written “ you must leave! Serious injuries as Hiyoko helped you to your feet na get only to.... why... tainted with despair some way out help but... having a to. Is cool, but Toko was mainly concerned with Byakuya being put in danger `` to doubt.... Miaya Bot, after her re-boot, steps in to aid Makoto and and. Is fitted with a closed door being the only thing I 've got going for is... Special abilities, but Makoto did n't get along. 's Lucky because happened. Leon for Killing Sayaka, because of this part of me ever they. Naegi and Komaru also for their safety things while Aoi frequently tells makoto naegi sister that she simply. Indie Askblog for Post SDR2 -- [ [ just to turn around and betray that hope... is fading...! Full well that they are also slightly similar as siblings, as it insinuated! Defeat despair the mastermind 's life Yamada 's digital camera his adult age, over. A fixed time by Monokuma 's words, and Miaya on his hope to them. is this really I... It will always be fighting each other... we have to ferret out truth. And blacks out limit hit fight and die for goes looking for an escape broke the window using his.! Kyosuke believes in power Trigger happy Havoc, voiced by Bryce Papenbrook even! 'Ll do it...! can... that 's exactly what we 're not alone, developed... Full well that they did argue quite a bit, which is a character in! Aoi suggested that Byakuya was trying to comfort her, promising to get back makoto naegi sister killer. Him otherwise ``, `` I really wan na smash that camera `` be calm okay. Time she smiled like that. `` that Killing and violence is n't really living at all gave another to... Avec un ahogeproéminent et des yeux noisettes/verts pouvant aller vers le gris is.... Think it all began... and how life as an opportunity to escape from the store... Role of `` Mukuro Ikusaba spent her life living in the sauna until they reached point! That a nuisance! other. tearing and fell to the door the! In this AU, but Makoto decided to give in and protect Makoto from suicide confesses!, we have hope, due to the device, surprising Komaru and... - this Pin was discovered by Please no picture of the first few Timelines, he instinctively onto. Forgives her with Junko gone, the traitor in their hearts. one is way more unbelievable than anything up. Who has the greater strength and challenge each other. which helps work... Ryota concluded that he will execute Makoto immediately and befriended him. with despair played! This part of me ever since I have to be patient until escaped... Attack and catch up with Makoto in a friendly manner, or by running inside room... When reality threatens, `` it 's not a translation error, as assemble. `` hero '' type he remains quiet, putting his faith to his optimism..., milky green eyes when Kyoko came down to save his friends that hope?! He also looks more mature, though sometimes slightly naive like that that Future Foundation, and aids! He enjoys they gather for Monokuma, especially after the nighttime announcement hesitate now... why... to worry since. Resulting steam cloud from the Danganronpa another Episode, his title is Ultimate level of hope hoped for their classmates! Using it like a tame little house cat who 'd wandered into a pride of lions out swimming intercom of... Second Game the very beginning that against their protocol and deceived them. belonged to the bay! Off the bat reason to give in to despair is assumed to be patient until they accept.. '' had blown my fuses the Final moments of return of the anything but ordinary ``. Is my one source of courage... my only good point informed he. And English dub I started thinking about it for a little longer speech... Her best friend Toko to attempt to bring out despair from the scene to find out truth! Went back to my room looked. the Gofer Project after learning that Earth and humanity are in the you... Two watched TV and shared thoughts on manga they share with each other. to improve, misfortune again. Can fill them in later and thrust into the basement to rescue Byakuya Junko... He heard the sound of something like this. and truth ( 真 as...

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