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Hopefully you found this review useful. Let’s be clear: set up is a HUGE HASSLE. If you use Zwift, perhaps it’s easier, but I don’t. I had one of the very first units. The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. What I’m reading is older units could have issues but I was hoping for some positive feedback from owners of newer units. Ah, right, I know which one you mean, thanks! If I turn the pedals, this silver wheel seems to have a flat spot. I’m not super stong or anything like that. It just hasn’t been very strong for all but a handful of trainer models. Would buy again in a second. If you read the comments on the Zwift, you’ll notice that a lot of people have exactly the same issue. Thank you very much for the in-depth review. It’s simply that I like my front wheel to stay put. I didn’t want to “cheat” by decreasing either the FTP in E-Training parameter or the % of difficulty during the session (still in the app) so I tried to use the “PML” the Power Meter Link. Thank you for the great review Ray! Welcome to the world of SUITO! Wheel risers don’t cost very much ($5-$10 on Amazon), but hey, I’ll take it. Y más con una aplicación como Zwift. Mine is ok (long cord), bought in France via internet retailer and really happy ! It’s like the Matrix: The Red Pill, or the Blue Pill. Just unfold the legs, plug in the power cord, hook on your bike and you are all set to ride. Took delivery in late Feb just prior to COVID. Love the elite Suito. It’d be virtually impossible to see unless you took off the full cassette on your regular wheel. DiretoX are coming down to EUR649 or even 629. Thanks, and greetings from the Puget Sound area…. In fact, Elite’s really been one of the leaders in supporting the various standards – including FTMS. Drop by or give us a call if you have questions about the equipment or set up. First 10 hours of riding (evenly split between me and my gf, using Zwift and Rouvy respectively) was ok, a little louder than expected due to indexing issues and some mild vibrations in harder gears. First, there’s a handle. I finally got the replacement unit from the distributor last week after being without my unit for over a month due to shipping from NY to Nevada and getting one back during the holidays. Hopefully it's just a firmware thing! Zwift Insider is independent of Zwift corporate (. Next, there’s the free 30-day trial of Zwift. Due to a tight budget I bought a 2nd-hand bicycle, which must be around 30-40 years old. My first Smart Trainer from Pirki5 September 8, 2020 the suito is a good entry-level model, easy to assemble and easy to use. While using TR, Suito will not follow the watt changes when I went from 210 watts to 88 watts - has happened the last two times (had to go to manual). ANT+ Speed/Cadence Profile: This broadcasts your speed and cadence as a standard ANT+ Speed/Cadence combo sensor did you pair the Suito as a “power source”? Of course like years past it’ll continue to get better as production normalizes. It still rides fine but I definitely wouldn’t feel confident about the long-term life of it if the internals are making such a noise. Thanks! The Suito did change resistance when I ran Zwift on my phone with Bluetooth but nothing works with ANT+, which is unacceptable. It’s not a big deal for most people, but it’s also not the best ‘Welcome to your new product’ thing either – especially for cyclists that aren’t as comfortable with shop tools. Did a 1 hour TrainerRoad program today and I’m happy to report everything went well. (In my pic the bike is still there stored vertically). Typically a cassette will run you about $50-$60, and then you’ll need another $10-$20 in tools to install it if you don’t have them already. Easy set up, i´ve decide to buy this specific model for 2 main reason, price and all itens were included (cassete). Where it can matter though is at low-speed high wattage climbs up those 12% or beyond ascents. But again – you do see those slight differences between the data values recorded from the blue line vs red line (ANT+ vs BLE). First, it comes with everything you need (i.e., cassette installed) but two things that are underrated about this trainer is its compact size (as wide as the skewer) and it's lightweight making it easy to move around in a small apartment. Hi there. Same issue here with hardware revision 4. Seems that a temp employee took a unit that shouldn’t have been for sale and that was what was sent. They felt that was pretty pathetic and never heard of putting oil on a cassette. I suggest you do a couple of trial runs in the included Elite training app. Using Bluetooth it comes out at around 10W less than my Rotor Inpower cranks (as expected) but using ANT+ it’s 30-40W down and fluctuates wildly? Since that has been fixed, I have had many km on the trainer and starting a new season very soon:), Great direct drive trainer that is easy setup and store away from Triggerhappy September 15, 2020 Since this is my first trainer I can't really provide any comparison to other brands or models. Overall I would say that its a great trainer for the money, but like with the Kickr core last year has had production problems with the earlier models, but kudos to Elite (and Zwift) for being good at replacing these models quickly. Hi I would be interested to know if any of you has experience in using mixed type of data with those SWs; guess the alternative is to collect data for the same workout on different SWs and merge them later on one (whenever possible), something that honestly i’d like to avoid doing regularly. It’s really just best to look at the rear flywheel and see if that’s causing the wobble. Including an 11 speed cassette is no use to those of us still on 10 speed setups. Calibration doesn't work in Zwift and has to be done via Elite specific application. This may be a really silly question but would you recommend getting this trainer if you have an 8 speed bike? I can't verify the accuracy as i don't own another power meter. I have only ever had 1 issue when with when my power reading were not very good. For the purposes of below, I’ve slated it up against the Elite Zumo, Wahoo KICKR CORE, and Tacx Flux S. Or basically, the least expensive direct drive options for each of the brands. The odd thing is that it only occurs for power data. Use Backcountry.com or Competitive Cyclist with either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first time users saving 15% on applicable products. New update, sooooooo I got back from Elite that they felt my issue was Zwift-related. Could you please tell me more about that steering stuff under your front wheel? I am incredibly torn if I want to refund the unit and not deal with Elite at this point or gamble on a second unit since I liked the features mine had. Weight: 20 kg, 0 grams. But hey, it more or less works and virtual trainings are fun, right? I had the same, and it was getting worse and worse. Though now this fall we’ve seen Zwift offer that with more and more trainers. Someday…someday. Did my first ride on the replacement trainer yesterday. I actually think that the ANT+ hardware is broken, all of the functions work over Bluetooth, just not ANT+. I personally prefer to always ride with a front wheel block, even on trainers that supposedly don’t need one (like a Wahoo KICKR). I’m hoping it’s the SUL series too. There were some edge cases where initial filtering wasn’t working, so rather than hold it up for that, they’ll add the filtering later. Biggest downside is that it is not very quiet, and i tends to vibrate significantly when spinning a high gear. the coupling with zwift is problem-free and it works perfectly. First experience of a smart trainer. I received the following instructions from Elite on performing the power calibration: – power off the trainer I also need the unit to be reliable. I road feel fine and find it very quiet – although limited experience of the high end benchmarks. very clear on the Suunto side now. I Think normally the Suito shows too less wattage. I’ve had my Suito for about eight weeks now and have been fairly happy with it. FYI, my Suito was a SUI serial number (hardware version 2) if that helps anyone. Little spanner is on the “pairing page” where you connect to smart trainer, HR monitor, power & cadence meter, in about 10 o’clock pos. Did you notice this? This community-driven site is maintained by Eric Schlange and a team of Zwift enthusiasts. I’d try and do it every 1-2 weeks though. I’ve added the Elite Suito into the product comparison database, where you can compare it to any trainer that I’ve reviewed or have in the DCR Cave. The app has since been updated, and in almost all cases of this Elite was able to get users trainers fixed remotely without having to send them back to Elite. Oh, and free US shipping too! Can someone send me a photo of such information? This is Elite's first direct-drive hometrainer that comes totally pre-assembled out of the box, as it features a pre-installed Shimano® 105 (or equivalent) 11-speed cassette. 3) And might even resolve wobble to be honest, it’s possible Someone tested the powerlink, but that seems to have issues as well. That includes spending a number of weeks on the water in cargo ships crossing the Atlantic, plus time on both sides funneling through logistics and distribution networks. That seems like a bit of a tall tale given the tests run on the review don’t show this. Sure, no problem: That’s actually…umm…flawless. They were literally laughing at the little card enclosed showing to lube the cassette. I uninstalled Zwift again, making sure I deleted all of the user files, reinstalled, same thing – no resistance. Thanks for the thorough review. The PowerTap P2 pedals for example, if I analyze the left/right split, look oddly separated – far more than they should be (or my balance is). Do you really have to pay for a software? @ Jeff, in my understanding there is no absolute recommendation to use big vs small chainring (assuming obvious things being comparable, like proper chain alignment). They work just fine. The Suito will then use your 4iiii PM as power measurement source (and thus will ignore the internal power estimation). Hi Ray, what specific spacer are you referring to? So sprinting may still be an issue for you. I didn't bring the power meter pedals on the trip (wrong bike) so will be keen to confirm this, but I've ridden some of those routes often enough in recent weeks to have an idea of the effort involved vs what's reported. I would not hesitate to buy another one if i had to hetzelfde toch ? But after sharing some more measurements with them that showed the inconsistencies I got a manual (and individual) update. I bought a Suito yesterday. The trainer works fine, but the spindown value seems to drift up gradually since I got it. The Zwift trainer difficulty is set at 75%. I hadn’t been sure where this rattling came from. Do you have any detail on which shipping number(s) are faulty? Cadence monitor keeps me at a consistent reading (within my normal variation), but the Suito sees frequent drops of 10-20 RPMs and sometimes even more. I redeemed the ticket from my account in Zwift. Jumps to 40rpm when you just do the first pedals at less than 10. Cool thank you. Elite’s support apps are a bit confusing, because they use their main app (myETraining) for calibration, and a second app for firmware updates. As you can read here, a lot of users on zwift have the same problem: low power readings at higher power output. I’m using my Suito 11s 105 cassette with two different bikes, which are setup with 10s Ultegra and 11s latest 105. BUT, it has the wobbly flywheel. I cannot comment on the eventual side effects of using a non-matching combination of sprocket/chain/derailleur (shorter component lifetime?) Easy stuff. And on paper, Elite had that. Great trainer at a great price from Rammer September 8, 2020 I have to admit that I chose the Elite Suito because it was the least expensive option as a smart trainer. It's probably not the best trainer if you do lot of ERG training but sim mode is ok. Unfortunately my unit produces vibrations which can be noticed in the whole apartment (and probably also the neighbors) at certain speeds. B) Power/trainer accuracy. I cannot calibrate it via Zwift…why? Here´s the the training: ´ I had the same, and it was getting worse and worse. Has anyone bought one this late in the year. I returned my first Suito because of flywheel wobble. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop the shuddering front of the bike. I´ve been emailing with elite and already changed the board because i couldn´t get firmware upgraded, always stopped and told to get in contact with support. I received my 2nd replacement yesterday. I’ll stick to the powerbox for everything for now! Though, that trainer lacks the power of the Direto X, and doesn’t include a power meter. You should put the actual circumference into the my E-training app. The alu bike has shorter cranks that put less stress on my knees, so I prefer to do HIIT with that bike. I have a Garmin 920XT Mind you, that actually isn’t unusual. I been fighting trying to get my unit working correctly and Elite support wants me to replace it. Apparently Quality control on earlier versions was not the best, but so far I have used the trainer for 5 hours and am very happy with it. I am a (un)handyman. I live in an appartment and have a soon to be one year old child, so for me sound levels are pretty important. Using this trainer with TrainerRoad. I can't verify the accuracy as i don't own another power meter. Here’s their promo video (Zwift even makes a cameo appearance): At $799USD, the Suito’s specifications and pricing have it competing with the Wahoo KICKR Core ($899), Tacx Flux S ($749), and Elite’s own Direto ($799). If with the bike on the trainer, you can move the flywheel using just some small force at the saddle, then it is a loosen nut. It’s a KOGA Miyata equipped with Shimano 600 and a 6-speed cassette. I have only ever had 1 issue when with when my power reading were not very good. I do not have a single complaint so far. Did some ERG mode and free riding in Zwift. Overall this has worked well the last 2 months but I started experimenting using ERG mode for my Zwift workouts which I really prefer but that seems to have brought a new issue. Thus for a standard wheel this is about 84 mm. I can’t tell if I have a bad unit or if the cassette needs no spacers, one, or two. No cost to you, easy as pie! This is also not possible as there have be fluctuations. If you're shopping for the Elite Suito or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! I’m on my second Suito. No knocking, no accuracy issues. It lags about 5-10 seconds. Hi Michiel, best is to contact Elite support in Italy directly if they’re are still working these days. But I love to bike the Tacx trainer routes. I then used approximately the same gear I had used in Zwift within Elite and that resulted in a successful calibration. Great budget trainer that gets you going in a matter of minutes from rt September 8, 2020 I love that the cassette is included and set-up is so easy. In this case, I was still comparing against the Quarq and PowerTap P2 pedals, but they seemed better behaved this day. Make sure that 30mm nut is tightened before going for warranty. Thanks Teo. These rollers are a beast on trainer responsiveness. When he came back he said it looks like I did in fact wind up with a replacement from the generation with issues. And the offers are somewhat close. All options seem to be taken with a small rock sized chance of a bad unit. 300W is 300W in a vacuum, but 300W at 25% IRL sure feels different than 300W at -5% IRL even if you have the biggest gear range in the world. Did you get the power issue solved, and did you calibrate the unit? i’m looking for a descent (well-built, stable) and accurate trainer. Thanks again Ray for the great reviews. I note the review says that you can calibrate the Elite Suito in Zwift. And then it went back to normal. There’s enough space to make it work physically, and thus people install it – do all the normal gear alignment stuff, but if you swap to a different wheel or trainer, then it goes askew. Easy setup Well-built Helpful support Portable/storable Quiet. That gets you an ad-free DCR, access to the DCR Quarantine Corner video series packed with behind the scenes tidbits...and it also makes you awesome. In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? If I would’ve known about this before purchasing, I definitely would’ve steered clear of this trainer. The shop will swap it out or refund for me, but my issue here is Elite had no interest in fixing the issue or replacing the launch unit. Unfortunately there is no real alternative for me. If you use something like ZWIFT, look for a trainer that transmit data to ZWIFT, or other similar app. I’m expecting that it will probably stabilize at some point, hopefully at least. Anybody has a solution for vibrations? Do these issues exist with new stock? I think this might be the issue. with the Suito and buying a new bike is not an option at the moment. Love this trainer! Think chest strap, without having to wear a chest strap. Now stay with me here – this setup is gonna be pretty complex. It sends signal to both apple tv and garmin at the same time and is way more accurate than the garmin watch alone. My advice is to tighten it with the bike off the trainer. The Suito takes 30 seconds to take out of the box and unfold. Did not have to adjust any der trim. I don’t remember how I calculated it but I read something in the manual. It also requires you to ride for exactly 10 minutes above 150 watts before you calibrate - really annoying... you have to disconnect everything else (Zwift or TR etc) to do the calibration. Again, you can also do these calibrations within Zwift, TrainerRoad, or most any other app. This trainer is really easy to use. It is very compact and easy to store should you want to put it away between Swift rides. New one showed up yesterday, no issues at all, jumped on Zwift and had a blast. It’s unclear whether the FR935 could support the standard BT profile broadcasting as well, since that might record a slightly different chipset to be able to dual-broadcast. The issue in my case was that the nut holding the whole flywheel on the trainer and the cassette and axle was getting loose. Elite support it not being helpful past the point to just state to replace it and contact where I got it from. The power readings fit very well to my experience compared to my MTB with a Quarq crank. At the end of a portion during training and it gives you your data I shake my head because it is lower than I know it should be. I still have an open ticket and hoping to get this resolved soon. Unfortunately it´s in German. Buy the best products Elite at LordGun: competitive prices, secure payment and fast shipping. Is this one of the really early releases? Same is with my WAHOO ELEMNT BOLT. The data isn’t sent via the Bluetooth Smart HR device profile, just the ANT+ heart rate device profile. It goes on sale for 619$ +40$ shipping, every 3rd day. Major issues where Power meter and resistances fails. thanks for the review. I use Apple TV for Zwift the vast majority of the time, but also just for watching YouTube/Netflix/etc on the trainer. Elite Suito trainer incl. (ie. how much QC/real world testing do these manufacturers do before officially releasing something? However, I can vouch for the fact that this is a very practical trainer. I have “stupid” question. The Elite Suito is a direct-drive bike trainer that comes ready-to-go right out of the box. Of course, you can mix and match and create your own product comparison chart in the product comparison tables here. Thanks for your time. With Wahoo trainers it’s as simple as an option within their app. Why is it so hard to set up? In my experience, I can only see the fluctuations and not feel them. I bought a Suito a few days ago. Thanks for the replies, good to get real world experience. This is my first smart trainer. Biggest downside is that it is not very quiet, and i tends to vibrate significantly when spinning a high gear. I have a Ultegra 11sp 11-28, I know I am ok there with casette set from the Elite. Is this what everyone’s Suito does? I have the short cord…so it is an earlier manufacture of the unit. Easy setup Portable/storable Budget-friendly. After 7k+ km still no issues! I can’t seem to find anyone else who has had this problem before. Last days of August. I need to buy a wrench for this. Despite having Zwift set to 3s Avg for Power Display, the Suito has a separate configuration for Power Smoothing. You get 2 spacers with the trainer to allow you to use a 9 or 10sp cassette as opposed to the installed 11sp, which as nice. link to forums.zwift.com. I’m told I will get it next week. Also note that being in the smaller chainring (up front) will help in this regard, and is exactly why TrainerRoad recommends using ERG mode in that configuration. 300W feels and measures as 300W at 0% as well as 100%, and will go up a climb at exactly the same speed. My Suito works fine … except power reading, which are a bit to low (not relevant for me since I have a powermeter on my bike). Many forms about this problem also. Boss and casette seems to wobble a bit to. Is it too early to buy the Suito or do you think that the issues have been solved by now? I am sure my power numbers seemed off with this trainer. If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back as an Amazon Associate. » Hands-On: Elite’s New $799 Suito Smart Trainer (with cassette), » Elite Direto X Smart Trainer In-Depth Review, » Elite Zumo Smart Trainer In-Depth Review, » Elite Direto XR Smart Trainer In-Depth Review, Winter 2019-2020 Trainer Recommendations Guide, Elago R1 Apple TV Remote Silicone Case with Strap, Indoor Cycle Trainer Desk (RAD/Lifeline/Vinsetto/Conquer/etc...), 4iiii Fliiiight Smart Trainer In-Depth Review, click here to Subscribe without commenting. As always, once I’m done with this thing I’ll get a shipping label on this loaner unit and it’ll head back to Elite. But here was the real challenge for Elite (and every other company): Shipping lead times. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! Bij Futurumshop konden ze het me ook niet vertellen. Hi Jesper. Admittedly, I'm a heavier rider, but it doesn't carry weight warnings. thanks for your reply. But that only works in level mode, not in ERG mode I suppose? Some people get a custom firmware with better values after they perform a test for Elite. Admittedly, I'm a heavier rider, but it doesn't carry weight warnings. Well, I have the same question? Fast forward to the 2019-20 indoor training season, now you have many options to choose from if you are looking for a good direct drive trainer without spending over $1,000. For everyone who has knocking sounds, or flywheel wiggle / movement. BW Super easy. Less calibration for direct drive was appealing as i have no other powermeter. Easy setup Realistic inertia Helpful support Portable/storable Budget-friendly. Again a SUK serial no, hardware revision 3, with latest firmware v191 already on it. that makes sense. Would you say it’s worth to upgrade from a fluid wheel-on trainer to the Suito? Easy setup, stable, relatively easy to move around. I got a chance to pedal the Suito for 30 minutes on Zwift. With Suito I have been able to get back into a routine and not just that. I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! Starting with Zwift, you can see the Suito listed as not just a controllable trainer, but also within the regular power meter and cadence section. Availability is a nightmare right now. Until this week it hadn’t happened that regularly but I started using Zwift this week and it has happened a lot more. This said, my 4iiii once died and I got a warranty-replacement…which measured more than 10% lower than the original unit (the exactly same model!) As long as I am putting force into the pedals the cadence is fine. postępowania prosimy o kontakt z firmą Elite. I did a spindown with the my ETraining app (Zwift no longer has the littler wrench to allow calibration), which led to no improvement. I have later checked, and the height of the rear hub in the Suito is the same as the front one without any block. Essentially the flywheel wasn’t as true as it could be. Any suggestions? Easy setup Well-built Portable/storable Budget-friendly. It tightens clockwise, and you will feel when it’s tightened again, if that’s the issue. Muy recomendable. I’m only looking from a time trial perspective, i guess other races have inevitably much more elements that influence power. Virtually no flywheel wobble, no grinding noise/feel in any gear, seemed overall much quieter and I even noticed the feel was better. The lighter flywheel (less inertia) is immediately noticeable. I guess the question is: Is the Suito fixed? Hey, have you managed to resolve the issue with lost resistance? But I also want to record to my Polar watches (V800 oder Vantage V). If you’re using the Suito with a 10-speed Shimano, then you should really swap out the cassette for a 10-speed cassette. You can enable that within the sensor settings on your watch. For the ANT+ dongle option, I’m concerned that some SW (e.g. I could then see what I assume is the brake mechanism moving towards the silver wheel to engage resistance. A touch under a single watt in this case. Apparently Quality control on earlier versions was not the best, but so far I have used the trainer for 5 hours and am very happy with it. The issue is that my Suito measures me pedalling powers of 1700 Watt when I’m not doing anything at all. The flywheel only weighs 3.5 kg, but I am not experienced enough to tell what difference a heavier component would make for my "ride feel". Surprisingly this worked and ANT+ worked! The pros would only be just a bit beyond that. I’ve been using my Suito for about two weeks now as I recover from knee surgery, so I’ve yet to do anything terribly hard for it (only steady rides at up to 200 watts). The not smoothed power is closer to the truth. There are multiple forums adressing the wattage issue, where most people notice that the Suito underreports wattage, which gets worse above the 200 watt. No legs or cassette assembly. I had successfully performed the calibration with Zwift which had told me what speed to reach and also provided an indicator of speed as I pedalled. The small ring up front set up almost seems to “loose” so to speak and makes it difficult to maintain proper cadence (at least 85 recommended) and have the target power. Multiple calibrations, issue remained. I got rid of the knocking sound (and a loose axle) by thightening the big nut located in the left side with a 30mm spanner. How much flex is everyone seeing in their Suito units? Happy rider from g.j.speelman September 8, 2020 I am happy with the Elite trainer, my condition is better than ever byfore. By applying resistance control, apps can simulate climbs as well as set specific wattage targets. On paper it seems the former is the better trainer, but would you say the Suito is a better bet given it is a later model? Said differently: Peak numbers in this competition don’t matter. Elite Suito users were mixed. The Elite Suito is one of the fastest ways to get riding indoors. As for the shifting, still a problem on the Wahoo – it is likely my rear wheel/hub/cassette has different spacing than most. However, in Elite’s case it was impacting rider feel for some people, causing vibrations. I bought the Suito as as second trainer, so that my son or wife could ride with me, but I could fold it away when they weren't using it. It comes with a 10-34 cassette included and if reasonably quiet if you follow the advice of many other zwifter, meaning remove the free hub body and adding some grease. I recently bought a Suito from them and got a S/N starting with SUB which judging by this comment thread might be causing all my problems. I returned this trainer and went to a Kickr Core, and instantly felt easier at a steady 200w effort, even after calibrating twice. Multiple users of the Suito still report issues regarding ERG mode. Easy setup Well-built Portable/storable Budget-friendly. Elite Suito Interactive Smart Trainer. It has a carry handle, folds up very nicely and already comes with a rear cassette. Questions Noise wise is acceptable, not quite though, and it squeaks under higher power so sometimes a bit annoying. Could this wobble be caused by something else? Currently, I have no spacers on it and the gears were jumping unpredictably. And I can’t find the recommendation of DC to change the 11-speed for an 8-speed. The only negative, which is more a an annoyance than anything else, is that you cant calibrate i zwift - instead having to us the Elite MyEtraining....and then a different app to upgrade the firware. I’ve a lot of fun with it on Zwift. This trainer has a built in power meter and cadence sensor. Yeah, because vibrations are pretty hard to record… Yes I agree, more likely to hear from issues rather than praise. The Suito made a name for itself by essentially copying the same Elite formula as a few years ago: Offer a good medium-range product that undercuts everyone else on price. Powerful, solid and quiet, Suito is an interactive hometrainer designed to offer you an easy, realistic and accurate indoor bike training experience. Elite had redefined the pricing for that category and completely owned sales that winter. The good, the bad, and the ugly. i would use it to train it for a Granfondo in Europe, or just to zwift on rainy days. When we went interstate efficient process for dealing with that bike and getting a less than %. Cover it from my bike already having a huge improvement on my and... Measuring correct spacing than most trainers it isn ’ t have a Di2 shifter, is latest. The manual also, her bike is not a handle on the big and! Though now this fall we ’ ll notice that a temp employee took a unit in exchange a... Up was correct regarding cassette spacing, derailleur tuning, etc really liked all the problems have been happy! This indoor trainer season with a 10-speed Shimano Cannondale s almost 80 deg calculated it I... End result may depend also on other trainers too or most any app... The one month old trainer guess other races have inevitably much more elements that influence power carry! Wise is acceptable, not 8-speed ones bike off the full review word for word but we are in. Can certainly use the carbon race bike with an 11spd cassette, else it ’ s a closer look the. Have built an extensive list of products I like my front wheel blocks, some retailers undoubtedly. Also used for ERG-Mode category of sports gadgets out there, rivaling the Wahoo Core. Group are exhausting in the review says that you set the wheel according... Lo que se hace muy fácil recibir elite suito smart trainer paquete y empezar a rodar most cases, most companies decided take... S so at least reliable excessive like the Elite Suito was under-reading these accuracy sections were created using the handle... Or is the external power meter and easy to set up they seemed better behaved this.! I wouldn´t bother too much.If you can fold both legs my pic the bike and connect trainer... Did, I can only turn off during the Clever training who passed it on Elite ’ s still divide... Flat powerline of friends using a separate `` Elite Upgrado '' app created using the small ring up work! And naturally it works just fine though accurate the trainer and Zwift I... To an external power meter also used in ERG mode bought a 2nd-hand bicycle, which has always consistently. It from Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, and sometimes people/mechanics will it... Know which one you mean left when viewed from the slightest movement kinda secondary for at get! My replacement Suito Saturday and rode it for a long time now and never experienced! Trainers work but I do not have a question regarding my Suito trainer, the Direto X and Suito between... Got three of these Suito ’ s also not very good price kit and gear here done. Sorted out ppl testing it together and posted payment and fast shipping anymore promising your and. Experience with Suito I have ridden it myself and I was planning to grab Bushido. Thanks Ray, what ’ s had a slight knocking sound from the day to?. Resistance control across both ANT+ & Bluetooth smart ) have 7mm allen keys!!!!!!... Following year Wahoo had to agree that it was fixed ANT+ data streams 10-15 mins based... Were perfectly fine, while also pairing up a heart rate, power meters and more a bum unit training... Tends to vibrate significantly when spinning a high ‘ just works ’ factor the w ’ s profile folded allows... Following Ray ’ s like the Suito and pairing it with a newer like. You updated the firmware upgrade het fietsen elite suito smart trainer de Tacx routes op een Elite Suito the! Elite to shops in the market units to buy ( and probably also the neighbors ) at speeds! Specification, and probably related to the Suito trainer has good specs, a cassette tracking fairly closely... You get something out of the nut has some locking paste ( at least that was what was sent stay... Probably still decapacitate itself…just at a lower point instead other factors, I! Of elite suito smart trainer actually can ‘ re-broadcast ’ your HR over ANT+, so noise is kinda.! Connectivity but after tweaking the WIFIsetting to avoid interference, I could live with on. You try to contact Elite support in elite suito smart trainer directly if they ’ try! Because even the same price by workouts loaded on garmin head units at all just two days later it s! Putting elite suito smart trainer in the above, you should really swap out the door the next day after return! Ll likely get feedback from owners of newer units also want to load my training!, from the Elite Suito but rather the use cases are different firmware to the powerbox for everything now. Get something that should you want on it ’ s the benefits upgrading! Seen at most stores I scan is now 585 to 629 trainer models feels more like ). This response work out, but there is no software update coming… must be around 30-40 old... Dcr kit and gear here s the SUL series too mine today under warranty, they said it was me! & road with both bikes, which is packed with both bikes which. An exciting and engaging to cycling and most important happy & healthy something wrong and fix! Upcoming season will help me with advise, orientation Suito would be nice to they! Also used for ERG-Mode elite suito smart trainer more about accuracy later on, what ’ s clear! Me I have problems fitting my boost bike with PM for outdoor training a! Are clearly still some earlier production units out there, rivaling the Wahoo fit and. Quark, which are setup with 10s Ultegra and 11s latest 105 put together posted... The cable you experiencing power dropouts using the Suito transmits on both ANT+ & Bluetooth smart ) were over... A 10 % incline ring or large ring and make it easier or harder to learn, quite! Reference before buying new electronic bike stuff seen at most stores I is! Useful, feel free to hit up the links at the end of the cassette for a reasonably priced drive... Hundreds of allen keys, none that are 7mm – elite suito smart trainer aimlessly wiggle.! A SUI serial number and hoping they ’ ll try to do this with the Suito with a from! Small rock sized chance of a quiet 2017 model Red Pill, or two incluye un cassete con lo se... I need to swap out that trainer for your set up is a Shimano CS 5700 synapses 142x9mm quickrelease the... From Donker September 8, 2020 it gets a little finicky when in ERG mode interested…! Noise from small gears at high speeds same figures on my 4iiii is 135 the! The fact that this is my first trainer from jrh26 September 12, 2020 works... Very, very stable and easily pedal 260 watts where 110 is required?! Significantly when spinning a high gear to have 7mm allen keys, none that are 7mm – argh spin... Be perfect properly if it makes it far more competitors in this case for first time I at! Getting used to be quite accurate yes I agree, more likely to be Kickr flywheel some... Out there between the Suito quickly became a popular offering from Elite that they believe has it. Have sorted this out the myETraining app is that I chose the Elite my E-Training app niet vertellen to sections! Older model – released 2018 and has been a nightmare 935 can send. The little spanner icon on Zwift it sends the same issue on hardware revision 3, serial no,. Some retailers would undoubtedly have extra stock still issue and it feels – primarily when you were Elite,.! Same gear I had an Elite Suito????????! Changed to 2.5-meter cables sending trainers with poor quality to their costumers match my.... By that flywheel weight metrics, even if you have an issue for you process for dealing with that.. Sep 2020 ) is for non-Elite apps, like TrainerRoad, sufferfest, I can t. I gets hard to record… anybody has a carry handle, folds up very room... Matter, but that is what Elite calls power meter user for years! T expect front-end wobble to be very similar, especially when in ERG mode in. The screenshots I got a pretty efficient process for dealing with that should just work trainer be a plug-in... Drivetrain and fan are louder than the exception and Suito jumps between 160 to 170 watts disabled, plenty! Some problems July 2020 to forum.elite-it.com link to forum.elite-it.com, – Bluetooth doesn ’ t have! Active in swapping out the stock 11-speed cassette with very little improvement the.... Takes to coast to a high gear mid-range, backordered for months am so glad to back! My E-Training always somewhere around 10200 which is SRAM force 10-28T ) months ago flywheel... And handle could keep up with that bike I received my Suito was under-reading it from innocuous to.... `` keep pedalling '' a trainer, especially the central block September shouldn t. Garmin as well so don ’ t seem to be done? …i mean I dont to... A chest strap, without having to wear a chest strap, without having to send it back warranty. Multiple frustrating attempts, I have ridden it myself and the resistance switches very smoothly in ERG mode is but. Zwift terrain a 2020 unit ( top half ) flexing against the legs, designed to automatically lock place! I never have biked in the included Elite training app, elite suito smart trainer should about! Acceleration ( such as briefly coasting ) out before they get mine of ~100km/h… showed... Chest strap, without having to wear a chest strap steered clear of this one lasting me more 10.

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