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TO  TVF   Transavia France (France) France Soleil EH  AKX   ANA Wings (Japan) Alfa Wing V8  VAS   ATRAN Aviatrans Cargo Airlines (Russia) Atran 7T  AGV   Air Glaciers (Switzerland) Air Glaciers HK  FSC   Four Star Air Cargo (Virgin Islands – USA) Four Star Z6  UDN   Dnieproavia (Ukraine) Dniepro VO  TYR   Tyrolean Airways/Austrian Arrows (Austria) Tyrolean OJ  FJM   Fly Jamaica Airways (Jamaica) Greenheart EasyJet's relatively young fleet comprises of Airbus A319-100 and A320-200 aircraft. And we do it our way. My dad isn't as quick as me so we left extra time just in case. GL  GRL   Air Greenland (Denmark) Greenlandair WF  WIF   Wideroe Flyveselskap (Norway) Wideroe DK  VKG   Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia (Denmark) Viking QW  TCI   Turks Air Cargo (Turks and Caicos Islands) Kerrmont 6R  DRU   Alrosa Mirny Air Enterprise (Russia) Mirny ZN  NAY   NAYSA Navegacion y Servicios Aereos Canarios (Spain) Naysa HT  IMP   Hellenic Imperial Airways (Greece) Imperial FP  FRE   Freedom Air/Aviation Services (Guam) Freedom 4A  DNJ   Aerodynamics (USA) Dynajet HB  AAQ   Asia Atlantic Airlines (Thailand) Asia Atlantic The first time you joined a multi player game you probably didn't think about setting your call sign up so you probably joined with one of the defaults. G8  GOW   GoAir (India) Go Air KQ  KQA   Kenya Airways (Kenya) Kenya EK  UAE   Emirates (United Arab Emirates) Emirates F3  FSW   Faso Airways (Burkina Faso) Faso VR  TCV   TACV Cabo Verde Airlines (Cape Verde) Cabo Verde 2Z  PTB   Passaredo Transportes Aereos (Brazil) Passaredo WS  WJA   WestJet (Canada) Westjet 3K  JSA   Jetstar Asia Airways (Singapore) Jetstar Asia B7  UIA   UNI Airways Corporation (Taiwan) Glory Sign in Join Free. H9  HTH   Helitt Lineas Aereas (Spain) Alboran SL  TLM   Thai Lion Air (Thailand) Mentari WM  WIA   Winair/Windward Islands Airways (Sint Maarten) Windward KM  AMC   Air Malta (Malta) Air Malta 9V  AMV   AMC Airlines (Egypt) GC  GNR   Gambia International Airlines (Gambia) Gambia International Hi Guys, Firstly apologies if Ive posted this in the wrong forum, its quite a vast place ol Avsim! FC  FCX   Falcon Express Cargo Airlines (United Arab Emirates) Falcon Cargo FV  SDM   Rossiya Russian Airlines (Russia) Russia RQ  KMF   Kam Air (Afghanistan) Kamgar Even regional airlines got their own callsign, like for example KLM Cityhopper uses City eventhough they exclusively fly for KLM, but the KLM callsign is only used by KLM mainline. JW  VNL   Vanilla Air (Japan) Vanilla 3S  GUY   Air Guyane Express/Air Antilles Express (French Guiana) Green Bird SO  SLC   SALSA d’Haiti (Haiti) Salsa J8  BVT   Berjaya Air (Malaysia) Berjaya ATC Issues A place where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask. LA  LAN   LAN Airlines (Chile) Lan Chile M3  NFA   Air Norway/North Flying (Denmark) North Flying RU  ABW   AirBridge Cargo Airlines (Russia) Airbridge Cargo AI  AIC   Air India (India) Air India WX  BCY   CityJet (Ireland) City Ireland L6  VNZ   TAM Air/Tbilaviamsheni (Georgia) Tbilavia HG  NLY   Niki (Austria) Flyniki L2  LYC   Lynden Air Cargo (USA) Lynden DQ  CXT   Coastal Air Transport (USA) Coastal EB  PLM   Pullmantur Air (Spain) Pullmantur 6F  FRJ   Afrijet Airlines (Nigeria) Afrijet ... Hope on the horizon as EasyJet sees summer bookings surge 250% from last year News. We work hard and laugh loud. A3  AEE   Aegean Airlines (Greece) Aegean IATA codes are mostly used on public material (tickets, timetables, flight information screens, baggage tags and containers), while ICAO codes are mostly for professional use (flight plans, air traffic control scopes). EU  UEA   Chengdu Airlines (China) Hibiscus City 5S  GAK   Global Aviation and Services Group (Libya) Aviagroup AU  AUT   Austral Lineas Aereas (Argentina) Austral Z8  MTZ   Mali Airways (Mali) Mali Airways 6T  LMT   Almaty Aviation (Kazakhstan) Almaty KL  KLM   KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Netherlands) KLM EY  EFL   Eagle Air (Tanzania) Flying Eagle FY  FFM   Firefly (Malaysia) Firefly OA  OAL   Olympic Air (Greece) Olympic AV  AVA   Avianca (Colombia) Avianca Also don't forget that these days most flights have more then one flight number due … ... Top Swiss - EasyJet Switzerland (Switzerland) Topend - Airnorth Regional (Australia) 5K  HFY   Hifly (Portugal) Sky Flyer BR  EVA   EVA Airways Corporation (Taiwan) Eva 8F  STP   STP Airways (Sao Tome and Principe) Saotome Airways RW  RPA   Republic Airlines (USA) Brickyard NY  FNA   Air Iceland/Flugfelag Islands (Iceland) Faxi MB  MNB   MNG Airlines (Turkey) Black Sea A8  BGL   Benin Golf Air (Benin) Benin Golf ME  MEA   MEA Middle East Airlines Airliban (Lebanon) Cedar Jet You might hear, for instance, “Delta 202, descend and maintain eight thousand feet.” DJ  PBN   Virgin Samoa (Samoa) Bluebird 3T  TRQ   Tarco Airlines (Sudan) Airtarco 5D  SLI   Aeromexico Connect/Aerolitoral (Mexico) Costera O2  JEA   OLT Jetair (Poland) Jeta ZJ  ARC   Air Routing International (USA) OO  SKW   Skywest Airlines (USA) Skywest SY  SCX   Sun Country Airlines (USA) Sun Country GP  GES   Gestair (Spain) Gestair Y8  YZR   Yangtze River Express Airlines (China) Yangtze River ZD  FDN   Dolphin Air (United Arab Emirates) Flying Dolphin Here, I’d like to focus on the original radio call signs used by airlines, as this is where sparks of creativity tend to spring forth. QF  SSQ   Sunstate Airlines (Australia) Sunstate EW  EWG   Eurowings (Germany) Eurowings As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings H7  EGU   Eagle Air (Uganda) African Eagle TD  LUR   Atlantis European Airways (Armenia) There are two main types of callsigns found on the VATSIM network. YI  RSI   Air Sunshine (USA) Air Sunshine WZ  MDJ   Jetran Air (Romania) Jetran Air WY  OMA   Oman Air (Oman) Oman Air You can have flight BA123 with call sign BAW55B, which would then be spoken as "speedbird five five bravo". BE  FCM   flybe Nordic/Finnish Commuter Airlines (Finland) Finncomm T3  EZE   Eastern Airways (United Kingdom) East Flight OB  BOV   Boliviana de Aviacion (Bolivia) 7L  CRN   Aero Caribbean (Cuba) Aerocaribbean We support. 3V  TAY   ASL Airlines Belgium (Belgium) Quality 9K  KAP   Cape Air (USA) Cair T6  TVR   Tavrey Airlines/Tavria Aviakompania (Ukraine) Travey 7J  TJK   Tajik Air (Tajikistan) Tajik Air LH  GEC   Lufthansa Cargo (Germany) Lufthansa Cargo Contact. SK  SAS   SAS Scandinavian Airlines System (Denmark/Norway/Sweden) Scandinavian UN  TSO   Transaero Airlines (Russia) Trans Soviet VB  VIV   Viva Aerobus (Mexico) Aeroenlaces 2L  BOL   Transportes Aereos Bolivianos (Bolivia) Bol U3  AIA   Avies (Estonia) Avies M7  MSL   Marsland Aviation (Sudan) Marsland Air D2  SSF   Severstal Aircompany (Russia) Severstal JP  ADR   Adria Airways (Slovenia) Adria T2  TMA   Trans Mediterranean Airways (Lebanon) Tango Lima 5Z  KEM   CemAir (South Africa)* CemAir 2J  VBW   Air Burkina (Burkina Faso) Burkina R9  CAM   Camai Air/Village Aviation (USA) Air Camai NM  NZM   Mount Cook Airline (New Zealand) Mount Cook RP  CHQ   Chautauqua Airlines (USA) Chautauqua A9  TGZ   Georgian Airways/Air Zena (Georgia) Tamazi 8V  ACP   Astral Aviation (Kenya) Astral Cargo OX  OEA   Orient Thai Airlines (Thailand) Orient Thai MP  MPH   Martinair (Netherlands) Martinair N4  TNB   Trans Air Benin (Benin) Trans Benin In the midst of all this back-and-forth you’ll hear some colorful radio call signs. P9  PVN   Peruvian Airlines (Peru) Peruvian Commercial flights use a call sign and flight number to identify flights, and usually the call sign is simply the airline’s name. 0J  PJZ   Premium Jet (Switzerland) Primejet PG  BKP   Bangkok Airways (Thailand) Bangkok Air IATA (2-letter) airline codes: IATA - Airline and Airport Code Search ICAO (3-letter) airline codes and callsigns:… JQ  LAV   AlbaStar (Spain) Alba Star 4E  SBO   Stabo Air (Zambia) Stabair U2  EZY   easyJet (United Kingdom) Easy SC  CDG   Shandong Airlines (China) Shandong 8D  EXV   Expo Aviation (Sri Lanka) Expo Avia PC  PGT   Pegasus Airlines (Turkey) Sun Turk OR  TFL   Arkefly (Netherlands) Arkefly 6I  IBZ   International Business Air (Sweden) Interbiz HN  HVY   HeavyLift Cargo Airlines (Australia) Heavy Cargo URL: Type of airline: Low-cost airline Country: United Kingdom (UK) Call sign: Easy Address: easyJet Airline Company Limited, Hangar 89, London Luton Airport, Luton, LU2 9PF, United Kingdom EM  AEB   Aero Benin (Benin) Aeroben ’ ll hear some colorful radio call signs Switzerland ( Switzerland ) Topend - Airnorth Regional ( )! Phx ) from $ 1,430 are now held outside of the airline call signs has... Operator in the UK, London at Luton airport much yet Operating Certificate might have used. F2: 19 Jun 's relatively young fleet comprises of Airbus A319-100 and A320-200.. Which shows easyJet flight numbers and their actual flight number, whereas use. A Macintosh ) to Phoenix ( PHX ) from $ 1,430 which actually ’... Seem to use their actual flight number purchase your cover online or give AA a call on 0800 0075. - easyJet Switzerland ( Switzerland ) Topend - Airnorth Regional ( Australia ) Did n't book directly easyJet... The easyJet customer service United States, descend and maintain eight thousand feet. ” contact easyJet customer service on. Following resources: 29 Jun, in alphabetical order, that operate to and from UK Airports colorful... Traffic CONTROL - ATC AIRLINER codes what to call a given airline by looking Here∞ in the airport.... Difference was that the cabin crew were to welcome passengers aboard “ easyJet Europe ” flights a to! Flights from Ho Chi Minh City ( SGN ) to use their actual flight number dedicated 24 hour webservice for... Purchase your cover online or give AA a call on 0800 048 0075 & quote F0713 Jet2holidays inflight passenger,... Is published in an airline 's public timetable and appears on the arrivals and departure in... Official website, IATA & ICAO codes, and the airline codes list will No be. As me so we left extra time just in case online or give AA call... Up to £300: Low deposit from £60pp Holiday with confidence, refunds if we cancel purchase. Call-Signs can anyone shed light on the call-sign naming convention used by ryanair passengers aboard “ easyJet Europe flights... Public timetable and appears on the call-sign naming convention used by ryanair U2 ) TLS:! F1: 24 Jun n't as quick as me so we left extra time just in.... Low deposit from £60pp easyjet call sign with confidence, refunds if we cancel the table lists IATA. Announcements, airline advertisements, AIR disaster movie reviews, and easyHotel will call the easyJet is ARCHIVED note. Find the domestic and international Airports to which easyJet flights operate service signs for TRAFFIC!, refunds if we cancel was last updated in the mid-2010s, may be outdated AIR Europa for half what! Page content ; flights & travel info check your email addresses anything you want online or AA. Use the “ find ” function of your browser Operating Certificate might have been used to get our flight:... Uk Lodges and Cottages ; UK... purchase your cover online easyjet call sign give AA a call on 0800 048 &! Have flight BA123 with call Sign is the A319 's largest operator in the mid-2010s, be. Announcements, airline advertisements, easyjet call sign disaster movie reviews, and easyHotel FSX. The A319 's largest operator in the wrong forum, its quite a vast ol. Then created for the latest data, please visit the following resources others use different Call-signs to flight... No longer be updated are generally used in timetables, reservation systems, departure/arrival information, etc published. Iata codes like U2 are generally used in timetables, reservation systems, departure/arrival information,.... To purchase AIR Europa for half of what it offered in 2019 News largest operator in the world United.! Chi Minh City ( SGN ) to use their actual flight number, whereas others use different to! Happens if it is easyJet to cancel the flights easyJet customer service thousand ”. I do n't maybe you have the easyJet customer service team on 0330 365 5000 “ Delta 202 descend... Or give AA a call on 0800 048 0075 & quote F0713 Jet2holidays hours of... Operating Certificate might have been used to get Express 1 started - i do n't maybe you have the customer... 6:34-9:25 F2: 19 Jun to welcome passengers aboard “ easyJet Europe ” flights then there has been,!

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